1. Dracula
2. Lamps
3. Wildheart
4. The Edge
5. Blue Dream
6. Travelin’ Blues (w/ Sydney Nash)
7. Not Love (w/ Sydney Nash)
8. Down in the Trenches (w/ Sydney Nash)
9. Top Dog (w/ Sydney Nash)
10. Emerald Sun
11. Happy Bday Paul
12. Scrapfootin’
13. Jan >
14. Run Me Wild
15. Passin’ By
16. Jim > Wildheart Reprise
17. E: Sluggy D > Cut Loose > Beastly > Cut Loose

We'll have some audio and video of the show up in a lil bit, for now give the album a spin or three!
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Photos by Coleman Schwartz
Lights by Rob Sipsky / Lights Up Loud
Down at The Goodfoot Pub & Lounge